JNS host is a leader in providing premium quality web hosting services. We offer the best of everything you need to keep your website up and running 24x7. It was founded by a group of professional server administrators back in 2002, and since then it has continuously expanded its offerings.

At present, we are providing fast, reliable and professional services to many clients from all over the world including some very large corporations.

We offer superior high quality web hosting, reseller hosting and VPS hosting on high quality Linux web servers with the highest quality redundant network for our customers.

We provide the most innovative and reliable hosting service for your businesses. We understand that one thing which troubled traditional web hosting services is the usability and unreliability. Traditional hosting services were just complicated and too difficult to manage, even for an average user. So, we decided to offer solution that would make the website more fun, faster and easier.

Our hosting services are premium quality. We monitor every level 24/7 and are constantly maintaining this level of quality for your benefit. Your website is important to us, so we come up with the most innovative solutions that would complement your business needs.

So, come join us. Host your website with JNS host and see how we are distinct in the market of website hosting.


About Our Technology

Here at JNS Host, we have our own servers. We are not using reseller or VPS packages from another company.

The servers we use are Enterprise Grade - Dell PowerEdge, Dual Xeon CPU's / 24 core with minimum of 24Gb RAM. Running Centos 64bit Operating system in a virtualized environment.

The Data Center: The Data Center is located in Kansas City, Missouri. The network is a Brocade based network in a fully parallel, redundant design. All facilities are located on a private fiber ring connecting them to downtown Kansas City.

This ring is self healing and includes fiber on diverse river crossings. In the event where the fiber is not owned by the data center, they use fiber from multiple providers.

The data center's power is fed with dual feeds from dual power grids on seperate substations. Temporary power is supplied by modular, online UPS systems. The UPS systems are all N+1 redundant. Backup power also comes from an onsite generator farm. The data center operate both natural gas and diesel powered generators. In the case of diesel, the generators can run for 48 hours without refueling. They maintain fuel contracts with multiple local companies to supply fuel. In the case of catrostrophic event, they have access to over 20,000 gallons of fuel stored in close proximity to the DC.

The security at the data center is of the highest standards. Biometric access control to every area. Security cameras throughout. All recorded and sent to an undisclosed location. Trained staff actively carry a firearm. All this to help keep your data safe.


Why should you choose JNS Host as your hosting provider

I can give you many reasons, but here are just a few.
  1. We take customer support very serious. Support is one of the most important features of hosting. You should always feel satisfied that you have received the best support possible. You will always receive high quality, curtious support from us.
  2. It is vital that your website stays up and running 24/7. At JNS Host, we monitor our servers 24/7. We have many systems in place to alert us to a problem way before you or your viewers will notice. These problems can be fixed without any disruption to your site.
  3. It is very important for your website to load fast. Slow loading web pages can affect your search engine rankings. We only use ultra powerful rack mounted Dell PowerEdge servers. These are connected to high quality Gigabit networks with multiple fibre connections to the exchange.
  4. We have also teamed up with CloudFlare. this will give you the option to boost your speed even more. CloudFlare will cache your website at multiple locations around the world.
  5. We NEVER oversell. When our hard drives are full, based on the actual package size sold, and/or our CPU and RAM are reaching close to their limits, we don't just keep adding more accounts. We will just purchase another server. We want to be recognised as a hosting provider that even the largest corporations can depend on.

Our highest priority is to provide the best hosting service we can. Keep our clients happy. Marketing is at the bottom of our priority list. You won't be spammed with advertisments from us.

We choose to place our focus on what matters most to you.