ini_set errors across Joomla and other scripts (how to fix it)

You may receive following (or similar) error within Joomla or other script:
Warning: ini_set() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/yourusernamehere/public_html/libraries/joomla/session/session.php on line 102
This error indicates that ini_set has been disabled globally due to various security issues. It's impossible to override default php.ini file. How to fix it:
  1. Submit support ticket to then request the following: "please add my website to allow init_set list". Please note: we won't add website with Joomla installed in 2008. Script must be up to date. If you use outdated scripts, please update them prior ini_set request. If it's not possible, we can schedule ini_set activation for 24 hours (more than enough time for upgrade).
  2. System admin will add php.ini file into two folders: public_html and administrator. Both files will be locked with permissions 400 (no write access). Users may change timezone or "url_fopen", but cannot throttle system resources nor remove "disabled functions".
If you receive "time zone errors" set permissions 600 to php.ini file then add following line (right on the bottom):
Or other time zone you wish:
Save then set 400 permissions to php.ini.
Please don't forget to update Joomla and Wordpress!
How to secure Wordpress (very important steps to secure wp-admin and wp-config.php):
If you need assistance with Joomla session.php file, php.ini or Wordpress, please do let us know via
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